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Statistical anomalies in 2011-2012 Russian elections

Posted on Tou 4, 2012

Statistical anomalies in 2011-2012 Russian elections revealed by 2D correlation analysis – Download PDF  Dmitry Kobak, Sergey Shpilkin, Maxim S. Pshenichnikov Here we perform a statistical analysis of the official data from recent Russian parliamentary and presidential elections (held on December 4th, 2011 and March 4th, 2012, respectively). A number of anomalies are identified that persistently skew the results in favour of the pro-government party, United Russia (UR), and its leader Vladimir Putin. The main irregularities are: (i) remarkably high correlation between turnout and voting results; (ii) a large number of polling stations where the UR/Putin results are given by a round number of percent; (iii) constituencies showing improbably low or (iv) anomalously high dispersion of results across polling stations; (v) substantial difference between results at paper-based…

Russia improves corruption ranking, now 143th out of 182

Posted on joulukuu 3, 2011

Russia remains a highly corrupted country, ranking as the 143rd most-corrupt state out of 182 with a corruption index of 2.4, according to Transparency International’s 2011 annual corruption survey. The result is a success, considering that last year Russia ranked the 154th with an index of 2.1. Russia’s ”neighbors” in the rankings are Azerbaijan, Belarus, Nigeria, Togo and Uganda. The Corruption Perception Index, calculated by Berlin-based corruption watchdog, defines corruption levels in the state sector on a scale from ”0” (the highest corruption level) to ”10” (almost no corrupted state officials). The improvement of Russia’s ranking is connected with some new anti-corruption laws. The three ”cleanest” countries according to TI’s 2011 survey are New Zealand, Denmark and Finland. The most corrupted states are Somalia and North…